Friday, 20 September 2013

Birthday Girl

Hey ! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to me ! ^_^ Today, i'm officially 21 years old. So fast ! Rasa macam kanak kanak je lagi. Hee. 21 years old, got many things to think. I'm growing up ! :) Should be more matured. All of my friends included "him" often asked me, whats your wishes for your birthday. Should i list all of my wishes? Haha. Kila nak berjaya dalam hidup. Thats my aim. Berjaya habiskan pengajian di UTM, Skudai dengan cemerlang, grad with a good result and achieve my ambition as an engineer. Err. Engineer? Wee ~ Most people said, 'engineer tak sesuai untuk perempuan. Engineering field is quite tough for a girl/women.' yup ! absoultely agreed with that STATEMENT. Tapi tak salah kan nak cuba nasib. I must try that profession ! Kalau rasa terlampau tough tu, then tukar la profession lain. hee. For my birthday, a biggest thanks to my family ! Rasa nak nangis baca msg diorang. Thanks also to my fiance for that special gift. Stay sorang sorang dalam bilik, sunyi katanya. Then, he give me these as a gift. I'm really appreciated that. :D

*Semua kura-kura ni malas. Asyik tidur je. -.-'

And again ! Thanks thanks thanks to my super duper bestie, SHAFIQAH MD KHAIRI for this awesome gift ! ^_^

*she knows i love pink damn much ! So sweet ~  ^_^

Thats all. Hope bufday yang ke 21 tahun neh bawak banyak kebaikan kat kila. Amin. :)

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