Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Graduation day. :)

Hai hai  I'm back ! 
Lately, busy sangat sangat !
Sana sini test. Tak boleh nak rest langsung. -.-'
Jumaat neh dah start cuti midsem ! YEAY ! 
Setelah sekian lama tunggu. Padahal last 2 week baru balik. Hee
Oh yea ! Neh minggu berlangsungnya konvo di UTM.
Happynya tengok kakak abang sibuk berkonvo.
Yang kami neh sibuk tengok buku. *test berlonggok !*
Neway, A big congratulation for those who succesfully graduated with a good result !! :D
Hey, wish atas neh bukan untuk senior senior di UTM sajaaaa. 
Included senior senior luar sana yang belajar universiti lelain. Hee
Bestnya kaaan? Setelah bersusah payah study, this will be the happiest moments ever ! :D
Tak sabar nak grad ! Haih. One and a half year more kila !
Just be patient and do your best, girl ! ^_^

Friday, 20 September 2013

New Hijab Style

Look at me ! 
I tried this new hijab style.
Is it suitable with me?? Hee.
Tertarik bila tengok orang pakai hijab with this style.
Using a tudung bawal, make it like a shawl.
Still nampak sopan. Depan labuh, same goes dengan belakang.
But, not all type of faces suitable with this style of hijab.
Muka bujur maybe okay.
Sekali sekala nak tukar cara berhijab, tak salah kan. :)

Birthday Girl

Hey ! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to me ! ^_^ Today, i'm officially 21 years old. So fast ! Rasa macam kanak kanak je lagi. Hee. 21 years old, got many things to think. I'm growing up ! :) Should be more matured. All of my friends included "him" often asked me, whats your wishes for your birthday. Should i list all of my wishes? Haha. Kila nak berjaya dalam hidup. Thats my aim. Berjaya habiskan pengajian di UTM, Skudai dengan cemerlang, grad with a good result and achieve my ambition as an engineer. Err. Engineer? Wee ~ Most people said, 'engineer tak sesuai untuk perempuan. Engineering field is quite tough for a girl/women.' yup ! absoultely agreed with that STATEMENT. Tapi tak salah kan nak cuba nasib. I must try that profession ! Kalau rasa terlampau tough tu, then tukar la profession lain. hee. For my birthday, a biggest thanks to my family ! Rasa nak nangis baca msg diorang. Thanks also to my fiance for that special gift. Stay sorang sorang dalam bilik, sunyi katanya. Then, he give me these as a gift. I'm really appreciated that. :D

*Semua kura-kura ni malas. Asyik tidur je. -.-'

And again ! Thanks thanks thanks to my super duper bestie, SHAFIQAH MD KHAIRI for this awesome gift ! ^_^

*she knows i love pink damn much ! So sweet ~  ^_^

Thats all. Hope bufday yang ke 21 tahun neh bawak banyak kebaikan kat kila. Amin. :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Best Day Ever

Hi ! 
Bahagianya lahai semalam.
One of my "biggest" problem finally has been settled yesterday ! ^_^
Its just misunderstanding actually.
Cant deny that both of us were egoist.
I have my own faults and same goes with her.
Tapi tak salah kan kalau salah seorang beralah? :)
Rasa lega sangat ! 
Often sangat fikir pasal problem neh.
Now, its already been settled ! 
Sincerely tell you all ! Yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER for me.
Setelah sekian lama tak bertegur, akhirnya berbaik jugak.
Alhamdulillah. :)
Harap sangat friendship neh kekal sampai bila bila. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Holidays Planning

My plan after final !
What should i do?? About 3 months holiday.
Emm. I think im gonna do a part time job.
*isi masa lapang* :)
Stay kat rumah lama lama pun, bukan buat apa.
If kerja, boleh kumpul duit !
Beli barang bilik for next sem ^_^
Oh yaa ~ Forgot to tell !
Next sem, i'm gonna stay alone in a single room with a bathroom.
More freedom right?
No roommate, then no problem. Hee. :D
Even its quite expensive, but its okay with me. 
NO FIGHTING anymore ! Thats the most important.
I'll conquer that room ! Only me. With a Barbie's theme. Wee ~
Haihh. Too much things that need to buy. MUST WORK !

#Padahal Final Exam pun tak start lagi. -.-' Its okay. Early planning ! ^_^

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Killer Week ! -.-'

Just finished my Material test !
Lega gila gila. Seriously.
Cant imagine how clumsy i am in this week !
With too many assigments that need to submit this day and that day.
Too busy thinking about the upcoming test !
This is the last week ! And a "killer week" for me i think. -.-'
I can't relax although this is the last week of lecture.
Next week, gonna start with study week.
Most of my friends going back to their hometown. 
Amik restu parents katanya *FINALdahnakdekat -.-*
Then, i'll live alone hereeeee ~ At lovely UTM. -.-'
Its okay ! A few weeks left.
Then, GOODBYE UTM ~ Hee. ^_^

Mood : STRUGGLE for FINAL ! Should score well in this exam ! :)

How To Make People Love Us ?

Heyhey ! Wee ~ 
How's your day? :D
Here, i'm gonna share something.
I got this info from LAFAS 2013 program.
Ops ! Mesti korang blinkblink kan.
LAFAS tu mende? Haha. 
Latihan Asas Fasilitator. I got useful input from this program ! 

  • "Mirroring" (tiru gaya dia) *jangan la obvious sgt ! senyap senyap sudah. :D
  • Smile ~ *people around you will feel comfortable with that*
  • Bahasakan nama bila sembang dengan dia. *NO aku, kau ! Kan lagi mesra panggil nama. ^_^*
  • Be a good listener ! *MOST important.*
  • Talk about the topic that he/she loves to. *show your interest on that topic.*
  • Make them feel important. 
  • Elakkan berdebat ! *sekali sekala beralah, tak salah kan. :) *
  • Respect other's opinion. Jangan kata "ANDA SALAH" 
  • Mulakan dengan sikap sopan santun / lemah lembut
  • Give space to them. Jangan la memaksa. *agak annoying dengan org yang kaki paksa neh* -.-
  • Jangan mengancam *Mohon buang jauh jauh perangai macam neh okay? :)
  • Elakkan dari bercakap mengenai perkara negatif tentang dirinya
Hee ~ GOODLUCK ! ^_^
Hey, info atas neh boleh digunakan untuk mendekati sesape je !
More to friendship i think. 
Selamat Mencuba ! ^_^

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Short Note For That Missy

On her twitter, she tweet something.
I dont really know that tweet were dedicated for who.
But if it was dedicated to me, sincerely i said :
"Please DON'T judge me if u do not know who i am.
We're just befriend. You do not know many things about me, miss. :)"
Stop making a stories behind me. 
Oh ya ! About that guy that u usually mentioned about him,
Hey, already told u.
He's not my boyfriend.
He's my fiance. Ill prove it to u one day. No worries. :)
Dont know, then, dont talk.
I dont like you. Seriously. 
I'm so sorry to said this. But thats the truth. 
Really hope that one day, u'll read this !
Because i can't  say it to u. :)

Final Exam~ -.-'

Hi !
Hectic weeks, hectic day, hectic hours and hectic minutes ! -.-'
Final exam was seriously around the corner !!
And i'm only prepared for a certain courses. Err..
Not really actually !
STUDY WEEK will be comingggg~ 
A week more. Then, all UTM's students would be struggling for Final Exam. :D
After that, HOME~~ (cant wait, seriously ! ^_^)
More private problems when more closer with exams ! Is that normal?
Yeah~ I think so. Thats normal for all students.
But, we should be able to manage it wisely.
Please please please ! Dun interfere your personal problem with your academic !
It might ruin your future. ;)
Just stay focus on something that most important : your FUTURE ofcourse. ^_^
Wish me GOODLUCK ! 
Structure, Geotechnic, Wastewater, Statistic, Geology, Material, etc~
I'm ready for you guys ! Hee. Have a happy day all. :D

Sunday, 5 May 2013


When heard about this word, most of us will think about friendship.
A relationship which we share all things together with someone
either the happy one or the bad one.
A relationship which is too sweet to break it,
only just because of some fight or something like that.
However, how can u stay with a friend who never try to understand u??
Always being selfish in making something.
Never think about your feeling in talking or doing something.
Is this person we call 'friend' ??
Or more to bestfriend. 
Sometimes its better for us to stay alone,
without a person that we called BESTIE !
Im preferred that. 
Because i already felt that feeling.
And i'm too worry in having someone who we called her, "BESTFRIEND"

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Awesome Movies on Awesome Day !

Hey hey ! :)
Yesterday, i watched two movies in a day. 
What an AWESOME day ! Seriously. Haha.
At first, we only want to spend our holiday on watching "Long Weekend" movie.
Have u ever heard about this movie? Haha. 
Because some of my friends didn't realise about the existence of this movie. :P
Actually, this movie not too new like "Iron Man 3".
I'm pretty sure that u've been heard about this Iron Man 3 movie.
Its stunning ! seriously i can't deny it. Hee.
Even i just knew about it from "The Avengers" movie. Haha. 
Shame on me. -.-
Ouh ! Lets continue about my holiday activities yesterday ! Haha
Then, we watched another movie, new Malay movie "Bisikan Syaitan".
Err. -.-' I can't comment about this movie.
Not as good as Long Weekend i think. 
Long weekend is a WONDERFUL movie ! 
For those who still didn't watch it, please. I'm begging u all, watch this movie. 
Seriously it can make u heart attack. XD
This is a horror movie. For me, its TOO MUCH horror ! 
Because i'm coward type. -.-'
Then then then ~
We spent together in KFC.
I knew he didn't like KFC. But for me, he did it. Muehehe. :P
We spent about 6 hours together. Still not enough for me actually. 
What to do? :)
Huh. There is something that always makes me worried. 
Its just around the corner. I need to struggle for this subject ! 
Bye Peeps ! :)

#Doodle that i make using his phone. Haha. Cute right? ;D
Hey ! Thats phone with pink pouch not his phone okay. 
That's mine. Hee. ^_^

Friday, 26 April 2013

Fluffy :)

I got these three things from my love. 
Pegi memana, memang tak pena lupakan kila.
Thanks dear. :)
I'm really really appreciated it. 
Bear tu yang paling sayang tu. Hee.
Banyak sangat yang dia dah buat untuk kila.
Jaga hati?? Dah macam macam care rasanya.
He never makes me hurt. Seriously. 
Sometimes maybe.
Tapi kalau nak bandingkan kila, haih. 
Toksah nak cakap la ! Terlampau banyak dia tacink ngn kila kot. :(
My promise want to be with him forever, In Shaa Allah. 
Just a few more years. I'm waiting, then we'll be together. :)
Oh yea ! Fluffy tu my teddy's name. The purple one. :D

*NA, u know what, u're so sweet in making surprises. 
Thats why i'm with you right now. heeeeeeee. 
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