Saturday, 4 May 2013

Awesome Movies on Awesome Day !

Hey hey ! :)
Yesterday, i watched two movies in a day. 
What an AWESOME day ! Seriously. Haha.
At first, we only want to spend our holiday on watching "Long Weekend" movie.
Have u ever heard about this movie? Haha. 
Because some of my friends didn't realise about the existence of this movie. :P
Actually, this movie not too new like "Iron Man 3".
I'm pretty sure that u've been heard about this Iron Man 3 movie.
Its stunning ! seriously i can't deny it. Hee.
Even i just knew about it from "The Avengers" movie. Haha. 
Shame on me. -.-
Ouh ! Lets continue about my holiday activities yesterday ! Haha
Then, we watched another movie, new Malay movie "Bisikan Syaitan".
Err. -.-' I can't comment about this movie.
Not as good as Long Weekend i think. 
Long weekend is a WONDERFUL movie ! 
For those who still didn't watch it, please. I'm begging u all, watch this movie. 
Seriously it can make u heart attack. XD
This is a horror movie. For me, its TOO MUCH horror ! 
Because i'm coward type. -.-'
Then then then ~
We spent together in KFC.
I knew he didn't like KFC. But for me, he did it. Muehehe. :P
We spent about 6 hours together. Still not enough for me actually. 
What to do? :)
Huh. There is something that always makes me worried. 
Its just around the corner. I need to struggle for this subject ! 
Bye Peeps ! :)

#Doodle that i make using his phone. Haha. Cute right? ;D
Hey ! Thats phone with pink pouch not his phone okay. 
That's mine. Hee. ^_^

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