Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Killer Week ! -.-'

Just finished my Material test !
Lega gila gila. Seriously.
Cant imagine how clumsy i am in this week !
With too many assigments that need to submit this day and that day.
Too busy thinking about the upcoming test !
This is the last week ! And a "killer week" for me i think. -.-'
I can't relax although this is the last week of lecture.
Next week, gonna start with study week.
Most of my friends going back to their hometown. 
Amik restu parents katanya *FINALdahnakdekat -.-*
Then, i'll live alone hereeeee ~ At lovely UTM. -.-'
Its okay ! A few weeks left.
Then, GOODBYE UTM ~ Hee. ^_^

Mood : STRUGGLE for FINAL ! Should score well in this exam ! :)

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