Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Short Note For That Missy

On her twitter, she tweet something.
I dont really know that tweet were dedicated for who.
But if it was dedicated to me, sincerely i said :
"Please DON'T judge me if u do not know who i am.
We're just befriend. You do not know many things about me, miss. :)"
Stop making a stories behind me. 
Oh ya ! About that guy that u usually mentioned about him,
Hey, already told u.
He's not my boyfriend.
He's my fiance. Ill prove it to u one day. No worries. :)
Dont know, then, dont talk.
I dont like you. Seriously. 
I'm so sorry to said this. But thats the truth. 
Really hope that one day, u'll read this !
Because i can't  say it to u. :)

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