Friday, 24 May 2013

Holidays Planning

My plan after final !
What should i do?? About 3 months holiday.
Emm. I think im gonna do a part time job.
*isi masa lapang* :)
Stay kat rumah lama lama pun, bukan buat apa.
If kerja, boleh kumpul duit !
Beli barang bilik for next sem ^_^
Oh yaa ~ Forgot to tell !
Next sem, i'm gonna stay alone in a single room with a bathroom.
More freedom right?
No roommate, then no problem. Hee. :D
Even its quite expensive, but its okay with me. 
NO FIGHTING anymore ! Thats the most important.
I'll conquer that room ! Only me. With a Barbie's theme. Wee ~
Haihh. Too much things that need to buy. MUST WORK !

#Padahal Final Exam pun tak start lagi. -.-' Its okay. Early planning ! ^_^

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